16 June 2017

Color therapy

Hi everyone!

What would you do if you're a nerd and all of a sudden your computer decides to die... right after you've left your car at the garage for way too pricey but necessary repairs? You could start crying and curl up in the fetal position until someone else takes charge or start planning to rob a bank. Both options aren't really my style but I definitely needed to relax before deciding what to do (as I was more than slightly panicked at this point since I'm a huge nerd ;) And one of the best ways for me to relax is focusing on a new manicure. About half an hour later I'd calmed down quite a bit and this is what my nails looked like:

14 June 2017

Double stamped holo

Hi everyone!

The sun is out so that means... holo! And I have two gorgeous specimens incorporated in my manicure today: a-england Proserpine and UNT Forever a Promise (a new to me brand). Want to see what I did with them? Just keep reading...

13 June 2017

Catching up!

Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry to have been absent for over a week. I really wish life would just send a small announcement before it switches to rollercoaster mode :( I did paint my nails though and took pictures, I just didn't have the time to edit the pictures and write an article... So before continuing, make sure to have some beverages and snacks within reach as I have three manicures to show you so it's a long post this time.

The first (and most eye blinding one of the lot) is one that I totally blame my husband for! I asked him to pick out a color. I should have known he would pick one that I had never used before out of fear of causing accidents while in traffic... so you are warned! Are your sunglasses in place? ;)