14 August 2017

Dusty denim nails

Hi everyone,

another hurried manicure but this time it was my not so smart planning that caused my lack of time ;) Fortunately both OPI polishes I used were almost one coaters so I could speed paint again, with this result:

10 August 2017

Mostly pink nails in a hurry!

Hi everyone,

yesterday my husband decided he wanted to go out... and of course he only informed me at the latest possible moment! I had just removed my manicure after breaking my thumbnail (yep, again... so only four digit pictures until it has grown back) so I wasn't too pleased with his timing. Fortunately someone invented quick dry top coat so after 5 minutes of changing into a clean pair of jeans and a top (yep, did that before painting my nails... I can be smart sometimes ;) and 10 minutes of nail decorating I was ready to go, wearing these nails:

05 August 2017

Fall is coming!

<disclaimer: major gushing ahead, skip to the part under the picture if you want to avoid>

Hi everyone,

last week my husband had a small package for me... "nothing special", he said, "just to cheer me up a bit" (it's been extremely busy lately and I tend to get grumpy when I can't relax). Nothing special?! Inside was the entire OPI Iceland collection, the new collection for Fall/Winter 2017! I'd seen swatches online earlier and I'd fallen head over heels in love with all the dusty colors so of course I'd put them on my wishlist, right there at the top (I have an ever evolving wishlist, meaning I add to it when I see something I really like and I make sure the ones I want most are at the top. That way if someone needs ideas for a present they can call my husband and ask him what polishes I would like. He's pretty good at organizing that as I've yet to receive a polish I already own :) You can probably guess what he had done... sneakily (is that a word? If not, it is now) ordering the entire collection without telling me anything! I know I shouldn't brag, but isn't he the bestest hubby in the world? <3

Anyway, after all that gushing you totally didn't want to read, on to the nails... Of course I had to try out my new pretties so I combined the darkest of them all with a beautiful rose gold texture and a similar chrome and created this: